Wow !


Just look at that !
Seconds of Beauty

Awesome Space Shuttle Launch
What's So Special About These Fireworks?
Pendulum Waves
Skyfest rock of Cashel 2008... WOAHH !
Beautiful rockets and !!
Fireworks under the ice... WOW !!...

White cell eats bacteria... Wow !...
500 000 Volts Disconnect... Wow !!...
Awesome magnet
Magnetic movie
Spinning thing
Electric Arc
Ferrofluid sculpture… Don’t ask me what that is ! Whoo !
Longest paper airplane flight
San Francisco fog
3D video vertical axis turbin...ok..
Secret Google Earth

By the way, here is also
Animals are just amazing !...
and   When animals just make you say "Wow" !...
or  What a show !!...  (The power of Christmas spirit )

... Or just close your  eyes...
View From the Tip Top of the Burj Dubai
Amazing bungee view..
What a view !
Scared of heights ?
Jumping from an helicopter and crawling on power lines... What !?!...
Low jet
extremely low altitude flying…
Scary helicopter take off...
Ridiculously Dangerous Siberian Bridge
Stairway to heaven

Can you believe it !?!...
Unbelievable !!! crystals out of the eyes !! wow !!
Bigfoot is Back!

Man time travels and has proof... WHAT ?!!!... OH YEAHHH!!!....

Could we not be the only living beings in the universe ?...
Why I believe in UFOs, and you should too... | Ben Mezrich | TEDxBeaconStreet

Sirius Documentary (2008) (Part 1)
Kiesha Crowther - Questions & Réponses - Sous-titres français

RICHARD DOLAN Awake and Aware 2009
UFO Spoted Above Olympic Stadium - London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony
UFO Over Taipei, Taiwan during New Years Fireworks
Fighter Pilot Spots A UFO
UFO During Colts vs Saints Football Game
UFO Sighting Over Giants VS Dodgers Baseball Game
UFO Caught On Film From NASA Satellite

UFO Spotted Again!!
UFO Spotted Over London?
Alien Body Discovered In Buryatia, Russia April 2011
Jerusalem UFO - Dual Cams
UFO's Over Pennsylvania/Delaware
UFO Over L.A.
UFOs Over Moscow 10-13-10
Earth-Like Planet Discovered
The Real truth about UFO's and ET's

China UFO Returns
Ufo in China July 2010
Creature from Panama... WHAAT !?!...
UFO Summoning on live TV. WHAT !?!..
ALIEN BABY.... WHAT !?!?!.... WHAAAHAA !....
Undisputed Evidence of a UFO Sighting

By the way, here is also...
How crazy is that fact ?

How can this be ?
Referee Comes Outta Nowhere

Twin Babies Sneeze at the Same Time
Dog Senses Earthquake in Arcata
The Big Egg... Wow !!...
Standing broom

Weird lights
Helicopter How is it flying ?..
Secret Google Earth
UFO Or Missile Trace?

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Instant karma !... or simply What’s going on here ?
Is this some sign from above ?
A Face Emerges From The Clouds

Is Jesus Watching You Poop?
Seeing Jesus in your dog's ass !?!...
Finally tonight, Jesus !...
Women Finds Jesus on Iron
God speaks through salami !?!...

By the way, here is also
In the name of God ! ...

And what kind of sign is this ?
A Face Emerges From The Clouds

Michael Jackson in a tree !?!...

What exactly is that ?
Rock from Mars

And what exactly is going on, here ?...

Tennis Court Dead Spot

What a visual effect !...
The Infinity Mirror  See also What a creation !

Now, is this for real ?...
Giant Footprint - 200 Million Years Old Found

By the way, here is also... Real or fake ?...

And what about that ?...

Just take also a look at this !...
Just slow the motion !.. and seize the moment !...
or that !...  The lapse of time... as time goes on !...
And here is yet another one  !.... What a nice trick !
You might as well just take a look at that one... Nature is wonderful !...
Welcome to the animal show !...  and They’re just amazing !...

Also interesting and somewhat related is the following category : Crazy Events

Buildings and cool stuff…
Modern furniture
Awesome House Slide!
World's Tightest Garage
Sliding house
Water writing
Huge house
Expensive car
Amazing Shape Shifting Apartment

Who would imagine a place like that ?...
Underwater Bubble Lounge

Cool pools !...
Hidden Water Pool

What a big boat !..
World's Largest Cruise Ship
Massive ship launches
Which coud finally lead to...

Where on Earth is Matt ?
Africa is cool !
Time lapse driving across country
Tips from the frontlines
Beijing mad about English
Inside Cuba
Where in the world is Mozart
Korowai Ethnic Group
Shaolin Temple monks
Religious experiences in Tibet
Lonely planet in Asia
Christmas in Japan
B-boying in Mumbai !...
Most Far Off Pizza Hut Ever
Molson Canadian - Made from Canada

See also Nature is wonderful !

Just look at that !

Epic Pics

What a view !
Great view
World’s largest holes

See also
Nature is just gorgeous !...

Just close your eyes !...
High riders :
Dangle over death
Weekends were made for relaxation…cool !
Imagine sleeping here !
Crazy Chinese expedition
Location location
1st step is a killer !
Very steep steps
Living on the edge

How can this be ?
Niagara falls frozen
Spud frog… WHAT ?!...
How does this guy float ?
Walking on water
Goat tree
UFO's Throughout History?
UFO's Throughout History Vol. 2

See also
 What’s going on here ?
Can you believe it !?!...
Cryptids and Paranormal Creatures 3

Bigfoot found ?!!... WHAT ?!!...
Real or fake ?
Crop Circles
Very cool crop circles

Is this some sign from above ?
Objects in unusual places
Faces in places
Peace baby !...

... or is this a sign at all ?...

Coffee Ghost

Smiley Sunset
Smiley Face Birds
Wild Mustang Horse Cloud

What exactly is that ?
Tennis duckies
Just look at that !
Hot balloon party
Googe Earth pictures
Long exposure photos
Airplaine flares
Space self shot

Just take also a look at this !... Just stop the motion !... and seize the moment !...
...or that !  Close up on beauty !...
And here is yet another one  !....What a nice trick !
You might also want to take a look at this...
Plenty for everyone !...
or maybe even this !...When messy’s almost pretty...



Coolest place ever !...
Ebaums street

The palaces of this time
Atlantis Dubai Gallery
Fancy Dubai hotel… intense !
Dubai skyscraper
Gigantic house
25 insane building
The big ones get big places...
Ridiculous Plane
World’s Most Expensive homes
Expensive ads
Most expensive suite
Glamourous penthouses
Michael Jackson’s Neverland
Celebrity homes
Celebrity houses
John Travolta’s house
Michael Jordan house
Tiger Wood house
Richest athletes 2007
Mike Tyson’s abandoned mansion
Rich dogs’ houses
... and the big stuff !...
not too cheap...
Biggest diamonds
Most expensive paintings
Michael Jackson auction items
Insane stereo system
Most expensive watches
Let’s get fancy !...
Underwater club
Underwater restaurant
Pool pool
Ice Bar
Is this the new trend !?!...
Banana museum
Skeleton bar
Bus waiting shade

Comfortable video game
High sky lunch
Some are just years ahead !..
Japanese advanced sewer system.. wow!
Uphill subway
World’s longest escalator
Building the future
Cool buildings
Grassy architecture
A Microsoft window
Tetris apartments
Building on nature
Awesome Tree House

Amazing tree houses !...
House built around palm tree
House trees
Mango tree house
Hidden bathrooms

What a house !...
This is the Perfect House for Surviving a Zombie Attack
Launch Pad
Cool houses
Cool building
Strange houses
Weird houses
Cool looking houses
I see you !
Toilet house
Pier house
Drunk house
Slimmest building
Smallest house
Toronto’s smallest house
Toronto’s smallest house
Ryugyong hotel
Small motel and hotel rooms
Who built that !?!...
You’d see this only in Russia
Screwed up entrance
Construction oddities
How not to instal a security camera !
Tight Fit Toilet

Places of another time...
Lost cities
Siberian hidden fortress.. cool !
Underground wonders !...
The 7 underground wonders
Elegant caves
Cave village
Cool Chinese caves
Catacombs in Paris
Cool pools !...
Coolest pool
Cool pool design
Cool swimming pool
Largest swimming pool
Abandoned pools
Pool pool

What a big boat !..
Definite speed boat
Huge submarine at beach
Great yacht
Luxury yachts
World’s largest cruise ship
Why would one build that ?
The phonequarium

And finally, if there is anything that you are to do, why not to just do it in your own way ?....
Biker Casket

And what about that ?...

Just take also a look at this !...
Just slow the motion !.. and seize the moment !...
or that !... Close up on beauty !...
And here is yet another one  !....  What a nice trick !
You might as well just take a look at that one... Nature is wonderful !...
Welcome to the animal show !...

Also interesting and somewhat related is the following category : Crazy Events

Which could finally lead to...

And finally, how about a look around the world  ?

Pictures of places
Photos of the World

Top 100 Wonders
Photos of the World's Creepiest Places

Truck drivers around the world
McDonald around the world
African mobile phone