TV fun...

What’s wrong with this ?

iPhone 4S Holiday Horror Movie Trailer

What’s wrong with this ?
You Betrayed the Law!

Most badass movie trailer ever !... WOW !!...
Worst movie ending EVER !!!.
Funniest movie deaths
Was that a bear ?... Haha !!...
Knives vs cops

Could this be cheesy ?...
Top 10 movie cheesy moments
Cheesiest scene
Japanese spiderman !...
Giant leprechaun in space...
Could it get any better than these crazy Asian movies ?...

India's coolest video :
Benny lava translated... hahaha !!!
Awesome Indian Movie Scene

Turkish Rambo
Indian superman!...

What about some Indian fun ?...
Action Packed Movie Mayhem

Can any movie escape parody ?...
The Fart Club

Shark Song
Home Alone With Zombies
Independence Day Extended Scene
Predator's Teenage Son
Dumb and Dumber - Inception Style
Morpheus Meets The Dude

How Terminator should end
Deja View: Iron Man vs. Batman

Scarface 5 seconds
Arnold Watches the New Karate Kid Trailer

Home Alone scary remix
Jurassic Park no budget...
Star trek on acid

... or could any show ?...
Asian Christopher Walken impersonation
American Idol parody
Superhills me
Knight rider redux… Wow ! That’s something !!
Sheeeeeeeet !!

The art of the preview !...
Willy Wonka the Horror Film

What about spoiling some movies !?!...
100 movies spoiled...haha !
Movie spoilers Oscar editions

How to get a brand new show ?... Just re-cut one !...
Seinfeld Trailer: George RE-CUT

... Yet classics remain classics !
Qu'est-ce que la Matrice ?

160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes
Terminator 2 - 20 years later

150 Movie Lines and Catch Phrases
The Golden Age of Videos
25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes in Films

Hawaï 5-0 opening
Hamster dance
Do you like inspirational speeches ?!...
40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

Movies and their legacies...
Falkor Rides Again!!

Haven't I seen this before ?
Everything Is A Remix: Kill Bill

Getting Punched

Haven't I heard this before ?
Sit Down and Shut Up

100 Greatest Shut Ups in Films
The Greatest Movie Threats of All Time Part 1
The Greatest Movie Threats of All Time Part 2

The Other 100 Greatest Movie Insults
100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time
Get Out Of There!!!

When the flaw reveals the show !...
Worst ghost !
Wrong movie !
Looking beyond the show...
Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Scream. EVER.
Marijuana in Movies Compilation
Fucking pulp fiction !!!
Short Lebowsky !!!
Creepy Kid from Back To The Future III

Movie snapshots
The Greatest Movie Sandwiches of All Time

Meet the Simpsons !...
Simpsons in real life
Interview with Homer Simpson…
Real life Simpsons
Real Simpsons…ok…

The art of recuting
Ghostbusters Trailer Recut

Shake some action
Really cool ad
The Master of Escaping
Legend of the Seeker
Having a bad day ? Haha !...
One cool animation !...
Get in the time machine !
Nobody beats the drum
How to catch a predator spoof
The animator..

Now what about some combat ?

Dubstep Guns

... or some warfare ?...

Fruit Explosion

Epic Toy Soldiers War
Light Warfare
Cardboard Warfare
Lego Street Shootout

Aimbot in Real LIfe

and what about some free violence ?...
The Many Deaths of Steve Buscemi

Black Ops Legos Style

What a special one !...
Baby Fight... Haha !!...

Cool animations
Forest ninjas

Up! Movie Remix

Japan sure knows how to entertain
...and Koreans too !...
Korean madness
What a great game show !...
Kickboard scooter

Which guy will be the prettiest Japanese girl !?!...
Crazy show
Japanese tongue twister game
By the way, here is also...
The Japanese sure know how to have some painful fun !...

What is going on here ?!!....
Hey, Japan, thanks for grossing us out !...

Most definitely the worst music video ever made !...
Crazy Japanese video
Crazy Japanese TV… YAHOO !
Nookie nookie
Bottom biting bugs…
Sushi dance
Japanese in blackface
Spiderman Geddan!

What kind of an ad is that ?!...
SpongeBob Japan Insanity

Japanese V8 commercial ?...
Weird Japanese commercial...
Japanese McDonalds
Crazy japanese cockroaches ad
Aren't these the greatest ideas !?!...
Japanese man bra...haha !
Japanese breast fart
Crazy japanese farting school
Japanese spiderman !...

By the way, here is also : What a sexy game !...

More crazy game shows...

Crazy mask game
Fluo bulb in face race

And here is some more cool TV stuff...
 No signal movie montage
Michael Minslow : the guy with crazy movie sounds
Best female role... by a guy !...
Alternate Doogie Howser M.D video
Shindler’s list recut
Alice in Wonderland remix
Morgan Freeman is groovy
Italian Fresh Prince
Emmys Gordon TV themes
Ironman vs Bruce Lee
Star Wars San Francisco
Real exorcist walk...
Epic Hulk vs. Bear Scene

Home Alone Recut

The Simpsons Theme

And what about those good old programs ?...
He-Man and the Masters...
: He-Man: The Shaping Staff

Super Saiyan Transformations (DBZ)

dragonballz all super saiyan transformation

DBZ- Trunks goes Super Saiyan for the First Time! [HD]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Ep 1 - Turtle Tracks (Part 1)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Ep 1 - Turtle Tracks (Part 2)

TMNT S01E04 Meet Casey Jones (1/2)
TMNT S01E04 Meet Casey Jones (2/2)

A Thing About Rats Part 1

A Thing About Rats Part 2

A Thing About Rats Part 3

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Return Of The Fly: Part 1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Return Of The Fly: Part 2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Return Of The Fly: Part 3

Casey Jones: Outlaw Hero Part 1
Casey Jones: Outlaw Hero Part 2

Casey Jones: Outlaw Hero Part 3

Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion Ep.1 (Part 1of 2}
Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion Ep.1 (Part 2 of 2}

GI Joe Resolute Part 8 - Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow

G.I.Joe 1983 Intro - French (CANADA)

See also
Live Fun !

Can any movie escape parody ?...
... Yet classics remain classics !
... and flops remain flops !...
Looking beyond the show...
Japan sure knows how to entertain
Some more movie fun

See also Arts are cool !...,
Fashion fun !...
Show time, and Music !...

Can a movie really escape parody ?...
Failed movie ideas… HAHAHA !!.
President evil!!!...
Failed movie ideas… HAHAHA !!.
If movie posters told the truth... Haha !!...

Dark side coming soon !...
One letter off...
Titanic...reality hurts
Why mommies love Disney World
Spok : how it all started…
300 kick
Parodies of 300
Fishy movie posters…
Senile superheroes
Photoshoped movie scenes
Never gonna give you up : the movie !
Nemo sushi
Disney-Marvel-Pixar movies in the making
... Yet classics remain classics !
The Best of the Entertainments

Bruce Lee GIFS
Best movie of all times
Creepy 80’s movies…eyh ! they’re the best !
50 all time best tv shows
35 best TV shows
Classic 80’s comics
Top 10 musicians movies
Cheech and chung stoneboard
Movies with game names
20 great movie creatures
Famous movie cars
... and flops remain flops !...
50 worst movies Biggest American movie flops
Classic stupid comics
The flaw reveals the show !...
Looking beyond the show...
The Beavis and Butthead Soundboard

Movie mistakes
Disney animation reuse
Worst photoshop mistakes
Meet the Simpsons !...
Simpson house replica

Just see the movie in real time !...
The Mighty Ducks 18yrs Later

Isn’t this cheesy ?...
Shake some action

When the movie is life itself
Alien Statue

Japan sure knows how to entertain

Those crazy game shows...
What is going on here ?!!....
Japan ready for war
WTF Of The East
Japan WTF gallery...
Farout Asian Pictorial
Farout Asian Pictorial 2

Farout Asian Pictorial 3

Farout Asian Pictorial 4

Farout Asian Pictorial 5
Farout Asian Pictorial 6

Farout Asian Pictorial 7

Farout Asian Pictorial 8

Farout Asian Pictorial 9

Farout Asian Pictorial 10

Farout Asian Pictorial 11

Farout Asian Pictorial 12
Farout Asian Pictorial 13

Farout Asian Pictorial 14

Farout Asian Pictorial 15

Farout Asian Pictorial 16

Farout Asian Pictorial 17

Farout Asian Pictorial 18

What kind of an ad is that ?!...
Funny condom ad

Aren't these the greatest ideas !?!...
Condom fashion show
Japanese crazy inventions
Japanese weird inventions
More crazy game shows...

Cool films
Some cool video clips
Cool clips
Somewhat cool clips

Some more movie fun
Ghost buster mobile gets towed... Haha !!...