Be a superstar !...


What a performance !...
A Glass of Red

Epic Synchronized Chinese Hands Dance

Just believe in yourself !...

Sexy Beach Party in my Sparkly Speedo

Walk Wit Mah Tits
Girls Can't Handle Kid's Swag at Apple Store
Guy Busts Out In Apple Store
Susan Boyle
Greatest greek dance... Haha !”..

That's how you do it !...
Farmer Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

Wait For It..
Dance Audition Fail
Korean madness
Funny Korean song... once again !...

Milkshake harmonics
Hot in here - Acapella
Milonakis Psycho Kid Rap
Best Male Cheerleader Ever

Yo comments are whack !
Hey clip
Brett Domino Hip Hop medley
Homeless singer

What a song !
Electronik Supersonki… WOW !
Rainbow road…HAHAHA !!!
I like dogs... ha !
Sit on you !!!
The Rocket Experience... Haha !!...
Chiquita banana
MC Trebek remix

The Eel's Song

Ode To Colonel Sanders

Struttin' That Remix

eBaum's Music Video Of The Year!

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What a show !...
Korean drummer..haha !
Bobby Conn never gets ahead… haha !
Hairy performance... HAHA !!!..
Simply the best… in the West, for sure !! Haha !!
World’s worst band… even worse than me !!!
Wendy’s rap
Super Bowl shuffle
Is this for real ?
Keola212's Epic Song

Kid Gets Down to Madonna
Most definitely the worst music video ever made !...
The Unicorn’s prophecyWHAHAHA !!
It's a candy bra !... WAHAHAA !!!...
Gayest moment
Gay dancers return.. Will it ever end ?!...
Gay dancers parody Remember those gay dancers? Well it turns out that they stole their act.…
Korean karaoke
Pretty woman, ugly old man !...
Guy has weird voice
Return of Numa Numa guy
Suspected Terrorist on Canadian Idol

Worst rapper ever... Haha !!...
Chocolate rain…
Where’s the chapstick ?...
Yvon Potvin : le lip-sync ŕ son meilleur !...
T'es lŕ : Yvon Potvin techno remix

Super rapper
World’s best beatboxer..
Big Booty Rap Song

This guy is freaky ! haha !...
LT Dance
Egor likes his bike...
Sword Practice

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When you might get a little too into it...
Or Are these guys for real ?!..   or Whatever

What kind of a performance is this !?!...
Cutie Putootie
Philippines Got Talent
Un unexplainable song... Haha !!...
Public access TV hell
Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer
Korean Touch my body
Korean all I want for Christmas..
Indian Guy Sings Metallica

High school musical

Show me what you’ve got ! ( What kind of an Idol are you ?...)
Pants on the Ground
Pants on the Ground Remix

Epic Idol audition failure... Wow !...
American idol
Worst act ever
Guitar Hero.. haha !!
Will Hung : the original funny Idol…
Top 5 idols.. ok… Ha !
Not gonna win Idol…
Killing me softly with his song… HAHA !!
Taliban pop star… COOL !!
Do you have the full package ?...
Indian Lady Singing We Will Rock You

Slightly unexpected
Homeless Man Singin Better Than Most Artists Today!

Crazy Voice
Susan Boyle
Big surprise on TV show !!... Haha !!...
Unknown country singer with amazing voice
Satanist on Starmania
Death metal Idol
Will you go to prom with me !?!...
Singing faceplant...

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When beggars just bring you something !...

Isn't it just what is called a failure ?...
Epic Microphone Fail
Worst human beatbox !!...

When Lip Sync really makes an impression !...
Lip Sync Epic Fail

What a clip !
Hammer man
Art school girl
How not to honour your country !
America’s voice…
National anthem butchered
Cop screws up anthem…haha !!!
National Anthem goes wrong
Multiple humiliation on anthem

For God's sake !...
Jesus is a friend of mine
Act like a Christian

How to spoil a show !...
Little Brother Video Bombs Dancing Sister
Dad Messes Up Kid Showing Off

The show must go on
Russian Singer Falls Off Stage but Manages to Continue Singing
Singer screams like a girl
Honky rap
Show must go on…
Beauty pageant host disappears !...

Hilarious Fashion Show Blunder
Concert hair accident
G unit gets booed and hassled
Guy falls out of stage... Ha !
Drake falls off stage
That's not how to stage dive !... Ha !...
Actress falls off stage...

Shades FAIL

Stage Disappearing Act

Brad Paisley Faceplant
Singer Gets Pegged with a Water Bottle and Storms Off Stage

By the way, here is also... The dance must go on

When the show just doesn't go on... or at least, not exactly as planned !...
Brother Win

Here is some more special show...
Spongebob ready

Amy Whinehouse freestyle rap

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...or finally Life is live !...

What an impression !...

Impressive Dinosaur Impression


Best dance ever !...
Non c pas possible il est trop fort ce mec
Amazing Robot Dance
The Tribal Dance
Darth Vader does Mc Hammer... Haha !!... Wow !..
Old woman dancing !... Haha !...
Kids dancing
Crazy dancing… HAHA !! WELL THAT’S CRAZY !! YEAH !!
Freak dance
Leprechaun dance
Extreme caterpillar dancing
Gayest moment
Gay dancers return.. Will it ever end ?!...
Gay dancers parody Remember those gay dancers? Well it turns out that they stole their act.…
That is special
YMCA dance

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What a dance !
Dancing through time...
They knew how to get down back then

Evolution of dance
Evolution of dance
Evolution of dance 2
Optimus prime evolution of dance
Funky train
Move your boogie body !!
Breaking and popping ad
Dancing in 1983
Walk it out !
Charlie chaplin moonwalk
Dancing around the world
Where on Earth is Matt ?
Capoeira is really cool
The Capoeira machine
African pole !!.
Now that’s some dancing !...
Simple Music Swap Featuring Goths
Man Dancing
Epicly Synchronized Dance
League of Extraordinary dancers
Britain’s got talent: M. Jackson…WOW!
Hammer intros Soulja boy
Planet B-Boy
Graffiti rock
The belt flip… wow !.. cool !!...
Just break the dance !
Breakdancing With a Chair and Hula Hoop

Yoga Breakdancing
Awesome Breaks...
Bboy Move of The Year
Best Breakdancers In The World... 2011
Turns Out Break Dancing Was Invented in the 1930s!
Red Bull Breakdance Championship 2009 Highlights
Crazy dance moves… WHOAAHH !!! WELL THAT’S CRAZY INDEED !
Amazing breakdancing woahh !
Impressive breakdancing…. SHIT !!!
Intense breakdance ouch!
Intense breakdancing
Breakdancing in the rain… Haha !
B-boy !..
Planet !
B-boying in Mumbai !...
Baby breakdancing
Finger breakdancing
Breakdancing fingers
Breakdancing pros… WOW !!
Intense breakdancing
Crazy breakdancing

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When the stunts just really aren't as easy as they look !...

When kids just teach you how it's done !...
Brothers Dance Step Duel

Awesome 6 Year Old Break Dancing
Kid vs Adult Breakdance Duel

... or just pop your body !..
Body Popping Street Performer

Dancing to win
The ultimate dance battle : man vs dog !... Yeah !...

Bb battle of the year..
Online dance battle
Dance battle
Krumpers vs Clowns

M&M final dance battle
Iraqi dance
What a dance !
A rather special dance
Twins Funky Dance
Best Pop Locker In The World
The Tribal Dance
David Elsewhere
D. Elsewhere Kollaboration 2001
Amazing Dubstep Robot Dance

Mii dance... Wow !!...
Pop and lock…WOW !!
Liquid Dancing
Robot dance
Extreme caterpillar dancing
Gravity-Defying Moonwalking

Strange Irish Hand Dancing
The famous robot dance
Amazing Robot Dance
Robot dance
Old man robot.. This old man has some moves!
Robot dance
Robot dance… WHAT ?!..
Really cool robot dance… COOL !!
Dance master robot

... and what about watching robots dancing, while we're at it ?...

The famous Jacko dance !...
Soldier Dances Like Michael Jackson

Just dance like a freak !...
Super Freaky Awesome Dancing
Epic Dancing
Old woman dancing !... Haha !...
Freak dance
How to dance like a white guy ! Ha !

What kind of dance is this ?...

Bonebreaking Dance

The Okatu Dance
The dance of glory
Best touchdown dance
New Zealand rugby dancing… WAHOO ! Rather intense !!
Marquette's Basketball Coach Buzz Williams Walks It Out

Dance for victory !...
Jumbotron dance.... WOW !...
Dedicated fan.. HAHA !!...
Utah fan !..

By the way, here is also... When sports are just funny  !...

Just be a dance machine !...
Dance Like Nobody's Watching
Crazy Concert Fan
Guy Starts Dancing Crazy by Himself
Official Tailgate Fan
TechnoViking !...
Deep Fried Butter Ball Boy Dance !...
Irak booty call
White guy cool moves… Yihaa !
My parents jerking... Oh yeah !...
Ultimate dancer…
Dance master a bit too inspired
What an inspired dancer !...

... and just start a movement !...
First Follower Makes a Leader

There's nothing like the first dance...
Evolution of wedding dance
Wedding’s first dance.. Nobody delames your wedding like Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation… Haha !! So cool !!
Wedding’ first dance
Another great 1st dance
Yet another wedding dance
Most awesome divorce dance... HAHA !!...

Elaborate wedding dance

When you gotta dance...
Kid Doing Dishes With Style

Michael Jackson Spotted in Walmart
Mall dance He must have lost a bet to have to make an ass out of himself like this.
Library slam
Dancing at local grocery shop… HAHA !!
Best Buy boogie video
Crazy Lady Dances

Girl Dances on Treadmill
Just let the people dance !
White Boy Boogie

Old Men Dance Battle In The Woods
Kids dancing
Lil ghetto dancer... Haha !!...
If I know you clip
Bubba Hog dancing
Hot dance…cool !!
Bloods This just goes to show you that the right music makes even the toughest people look ridiculous.
East European House dancing...
Those Asians sure know how to dance.. ok… rather cool, actually !!
Inspired dance

By the way, here is also... Just do the party dance !...

Dancing will set you free, even in prison !...
A prisonners' Tribute to Michael Jackson... Wow !...

Prisonners do thriller… wow !! Why can't the prisoners here be this cool?
Great prisoners dance
It’s like that !

Some have just got some experience !...
Badass Grandpa is Shuffling

Grandpa Knows How To Dougie
Dancing Grandma
Old Lady Dancing with Highschool Dropouts
Super dancing grandma !...
old man robot.. This old man has some moves!
cool old man dancing
grandma gets dow This granny has moves!
ghostride granny
Techno granny
Raving Grandma
Dance old man dance
Dancing Old Man

Old Fart Gets Down With It
Grandpa Gaga Dance

Techno Grandma

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Aging just  makes you cooler !
Now is that for real ?
Kid dances like a fool...

Caught performing...
Jam Cam
Father vs soccer
Caught dancing
Caught performing
Britney Spear boy scared by mom !
Webcam dance
Dancing practice…ok…
What kind of a dance is this !?!...
Iraqi dance

Just make it dance !...
Creepy Dancing marionette
Breakdancing Fingers

The dance must go on
insane dance :
Booty Shake Fail

By the way, here is also... The show must go on

When the dance party's over !...
Hip-hop treadmill
Intense breakdance ouch!
Breakdancer falls off stage… ok..

Some more cool dancing
Dance Championship Recovery
Funny mascot
Saved by the bizzle… Cool Cinderella…. Yihaa !
Hammertime dance... Haha !!...
Bee-boy dance…haha !!
the urkel dance…
Pig disco
Backyard raving
Girl dances to beat it.. wow !!
T-mobile dance
Bored at work
Double door
High pitch voice… WHAT ?!...
Acapella singing... WOW !!!...
Guy has weird voice
Fast talker
The beat of the box
Nerd Drops Sick Beat

Little Girl and Guy Epic Beatbox
Epic Dubstep Beatbox Street Performer
Amazing Beat Box History of Hip Hop
Weird beatbox video... HAHAHA !!!... Cool !...
Japanese beatbox.... WOW !...
Flutebox... WoW !!...
Awesome Beat Box Girl

Crazy Beatbox Skills

Masterful Beatboxing Brilliance

The Rooster Beatbox Solo
Yet another great Japanese beatbox
Amazing Russian Beatboxer

Best human beatbox
Beatbox song recorded live... Woah !!...
More of the amazing beatbox street performer... Wow !...
Super beatbox pro
Insane beat-boxing
Acapella singing... WOW !!!...
Human Beatbox
Another beatbox..
Super beatboxer
Beat box
Russian Beatbox Girl
Beatbox puppets
Turkey Beatboxing
Just the same !
The Night Before Christmas

Guy Sings Just Like Eddie Vedder
Guy Sings Just Like Freddie Mercury

Taxi Driver Pulls Amazing MJ Impression
24 English Accents
Amazing Bird Imitations
Taiwanese Boy Sings Whitney Houston
101 voices in 4 minutes !
Man of 100 voices
100 voices in 5 minutes
100 voices 2
21 accents
Funny Arnold impersonation
Little mermaid song girl signing
Whole new world girl signing
Chewbacca impersonations
Human Gollum… cool !
Bohemian rhapsody they’re all there !!!
Mrs. Doubtfire impression
Are you really doing this just with your voice !?!...
Sound Effects Guy Covers Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

White Boy Flow
Girl Speed Reads Dr Seuss

Chick Does Animal Sounds
Amazing Car and Engine Sounds
Awesome vocal guitar
Ghostbusters Multi-Track

One man jazz band
Beardyman live
Beardyman monkey jazz
Reggie Watts out of control
Mumbles concert
Sing the road…

... or with your mouth ?...

Shredding and Beat Boxing on a Mouth Harp

Are you really doing this with not even a voice ?...
Amazing choir rain storm
So he’s the one behind this voice !...
Michael Minslow : the guy with crazy movie sounds
Mel Blanc

Now is this really so impressive ?...
Worst human beatbox !!...

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More voice power
Crazy Voice

Lady Sings Fifth Element Tune
Acapalla tribue to Star Wars
Subway acapella
Acapella University

You’re a superstar !
What a song !
What a show !...
Is this for real ?
Crazy dancing girl
Show me what you’ve got !
Slightly unexpected
Well, that’s a good one !
What a clip !
Now is that for real ?
Caught performing...
How not to honour your country !
For the glory of God !...
Let’s dance !
Best dance ever !...
Dance through time...
Dance around the world
Now that’s some dancing !...
Athletic tango
Break the dance !
What a dance !
Let the people dance !
How to make an impression !...
When you gotta dance...
Nothing like the first dance...
The famous robot dance
Some have the experience...
Some more cool moves
Are these guys really dancing ?...
Now is that for real ?
Caught performing...
The dance of glory
The show must go on
Some more cool dancing
The power of voice
The beat of the box
Just the same !
Are you doing this with your mouth !?!...
So he’s the one doing this !...
Faces Behind the Characters

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