Music fun !...

Best song ever !...
Music makes it cooler !...
Music is just fun !...
Music changes everything !...
Well that’s a show !...
  Just let it rock !...
When Christians just rock !...
How cool is that ?...

How cool was that !?!...
  Isn't this what is called a  performance !...
The show must go on
Music heroes
What’s that song already ?
Just playing with music !...
How about some rick rolling !?!
Is this the real song ?
What an instrument !
Just what are they playing with ?
When music is really electrifying !...
Crazy music events
A message from music
To give a song a new life... just rearrange it !..
... or remixing it !...

More music fun
...and what about some more music ?...

...and how about listening to some music, while we're at it !?!...

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Fashion fun !...
Show time, and Movies !...

Best song ever !...
India's coolest video :
Benny lava translated... hahaha !!!
Mormon Jesus... HAHA !!!...
White people cat rap
Socks... haha !!
White people problems... Haha !...
Hair growth Musical
Space pizza
Auto tune
Canadian Indie music
West St-Paul
Show wow remix !...
Al Franken as Mick Jagger... HAHA !!!..

How to parody a video !...
He wolf  (and here is She Wolf, with Shakira...)
Music just makes it cooler !...
Dubstep Juggling

Random Song Breakout in Airport
Rapping flight attendant
Stomp the kitchen… interesting !!
Library rap
We’re in jail !...
Fire alarm jam session !...
Music is just fun !...
What Song Are You Listening To?

Ideal bite
Snoop Dog & Willie Nelson
Numa numa everywhere !! Haha !
Viral music video
Real life hamster song
Muppet Ode to Joy
Crazy frog…
God is a DJ…
Dj aon… What ?! ! HA !
Youtube beatbox compilation
Music changes everything !...
Death Metal Dog Attack Vic

Death Metal Donkey
Death Metal Cats
Epic Frog
Nyan Cat Indian Bollywood Version
Kidz Bop Hammer Smashed Face
What if Pulp Fiction Had a Laugh Track?
Nirvana + Rick Astley... Wow !!...
Heavy metal monk !.. WHAT !?!... HA !!..
Rare Kiss performance
Slipknot covers bamba !
Hitler singing
Heavy Metal farmer
Benny Hill theme = better video
Home Alone scary remix

Smooth Khaliji !... Ha !...

Hardcore Metal Guy Holding Pizza Sign

Slayer on Sesame Street !...
Best Cry Ever - Slayer Edition
Conway Twitty Death Metal

Silence of the Lambs with Inapropriate Laughter

Wanna get a great song ? Just auto tune it !...

Ghetto Intruder Auto Tuned

Auto Tune My Dog

What a song !
Serving Up Some Beats..

Well that’s a show !...
Electric Purgatory
Heavy metal Jr.
One man ACDC !!
Sony walkman... what !?!...
One horny guy

By the way, here is also...
Who is Michael Jackson ?
Just let it rock !...
Heavy metal monk !.. WHAT !?!... HA !!..
Rare Kiss performance
Heavy Metal farmer
The Iron Maidens

Doll metal player
Ice drum solo
How to get any tougher than that ?...
Heavy Metal LEGO

Kiss face paint video
Doll metal player
Welcome to the Jungle...
Cannibal Corpse singer on World of Warcraft... Ha !...
Metal tryout

All Girl Mosh Pit

Worlds Most Badass Guitar Girl
Brutal Death Metal Rooster

When you might get a little too into it...
Drummer a Little Too Into It
Extremely Drunk Oktoberfest Drummer
Slayer's number one fan
Black Sabbath fan goes nuts !... Wow !...

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When Christians just rock !...
Jesus is a friend of mine - Bit pop remix...
Heavy metal monk !.. WHAT !?!... HA !!..
Christian Side Hug

How cool is that ?...

Country Hip Hop Dance
This is Hip Hop

McHammer attack of the show remix... Haha !!...
How cool was that !?!...
Why the 70’s rocked...
Nothing to worry about
Treat your mother right
Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up
Guido-Hop music video
Saved by the bizzle… Cool Cinderella…. Yihaa !
Wendy’s rap

Also see...
Was this ever supposed to be cool ?...

  Isn't this what is called a performance !...
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Kid Can Play Guitar
5 People Playing Song On 1 Guitar

Soccer Mom Absolutely Shredding on the Drums
Drummer's Amazing Stick Tricks
Justin Bieber Raps
Travelling Band
Guy Plays Trance Music On Guitar
4 Armed Lady Gaga Guitar Performance
Teenage Girl Tears Up a Banjo
Awesome Bucket Drummer
Awesome Street Drummer
Elton John - The Master
4 hands 1 Guitar

Armless Man Plays Gutiar With His Feet
Crazy Orchestra
Homeless Man Covers "Creep"
Pulp Fiction Theme - With Pencils
4 handed guitar playing... WOW !!...
Big piano
Bluegrass in Brooklyn... WOW !!!...
New McDonald commercial : the final product !...
Kid shreds on accordion

Lady Owns the Piano
DCI BLAST! - Bolero de Ravel

Shredding and Beat Boxing on a Mouth Harp

By the way, here is also... The show must go on

Music heroes
Elton John - The Master

Guitar smacking... WAAAH !!!...
Hand drumming
Out of nowhere guitar pro
Serious guitar tapping skills
hand musician… WHAT ?!...AMAZING !!..
Virtuoso Spanish guitar….MY GOD !!!
Schizophrenic snowflakes
Red hills PRO !!!
Clarinette intensity
1 man 2 guitars
Drum language vs drums
Joe Satriani and Funtwo
Funtwo Christmas
Pirates of Carribeean crazy guitar kid.. WOW !.
James Wetzel and the snow falls
Heavy metal princess...

What’s that song already ?
Indian sweet child o’mine
Nirvana symphony
Final countdown orchestra
Ukulele Final Countdown
Arabian Mario bros theme
Japanese metal canon
Barby girl
Ducktale guitar rendition
Japanese smoke on water !
The Simpsons Theme
Muppet ode to joy
Souljah boy acoustic

Just playing with music !...
Auto Tune The Meme

Benny lava translated... hahaha !!!
Old Prince anthem...
Ultimate love song
Creedence Clearwater revival
How about some rick rolling !?!
Your typical no life as Rick Astley... Haha !!...

Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up
Barack rolled
Christ TV Rick Rolled

This Rocky sure rocks !..
College game rick rolled
Thanksgiving rick rolled
Nirvana + Rick Astley... Wow !!...

Is this the real song ?
Total Eclipse of the Heart.. Haha !...
Butterface... Ha !...
Mr. Jones parody
Under the bridge litterally
Improbable Lil John mashup
Trippy chocolate factory
(fraggle rap with lil’jon..

Just play it backwards !...
Mind blowing game... Haha !...

How to find music everywhere !...

Techno Jeep
Falling Objects Create Beat

Street performers
Unbelievably Talented Street Drummer

Awesome Bucket Drummer

Awesome Street Drummer
Street drummer... WOW!!!...

Amazing street drummer.... WOW !!...
The Coffe Cup Drummer... Cool !...

Incredible Street Performer in Lisbon

What an instrument !
The Magic Pipe...

World’s largest banjo
Drum machine
The Digital Guitar

See also
What an invention !...

Just what are they playing with ?
 Sugar Plum Fairy by P.Tchaikovsky - Glass Harp LIVE (HD)

Guy Turns Kitchen Into a Synthesizer
Wtf Japan
Amazing Street Instrument
Drum Machineius
Teeth Music
College Student Turns PVC Into Instrument
Glass Harp
The Pen Tap Rap... Cool !...
Keyboard drums... Cool !...

Inspector Gadget theme on bottles... Cool !...
Tic-tac music
Cigar box guitar jam
Gadget Orchestra
Do it Yourself instruments...
Homemade instrument jam
Keyboard rock
Pvc instrument pop songs…ha ha !
Mozart on skates…Wow !
Mario theme on bottles
Coke bottle musician
Weird instrument
finger drumming (talent+ music)
Big tube
Laser harp
Stylophone ensemble
Hauschka live
Glass harp
Making the oilcan banjo
Kitundu Phonokora
Drum table
Children PVC orchestra
Telephone piano
Toccata bottle organ
Carrot panflute
Solenoid concert
Robotic Drumset
One string guitar dude
Balloon Guitar!
Guitar and egg beater... What better sound could you get !?!...
Guitar school!... There you go !
Guy Plays Song on 6 iPhones
Dsi talk box... ok...

... and could music really come out of this ?...
Washing Machine Beats

When music is really electrifying !...
Tesla Star Wars
Tesla coil plays music Some guys use electricity to generate old video game music.
Tetris tesla
Tesla homemade lightning

Crazy musical events
Heavy metal monk !.. WHAT !?!... HA !!..
How to light a cigarette with a violin
Banjo brain surgery
Vanilla Ice says “sorry” !!!...

By the way, here is also... The show must go on
A message from music
Arian in Iran !...
Vanilla Ice says “sorry” !!!...
Living Legend Chuck D on censure
Lars Ulrich thanks Youtube fans

Haven't I heard that before ?... (What a cover !...)

Just playing with music !...

How to play music with technology !...

Techno Jeep
Flight of the BumbleBee

No Cutting Around!

To give a song a new life... just rearrange it !..
Billie Jean - A Bass Tribute
Mother of all chords Funkadelic video
Internet symphony
Girlie electric canon in D

... or just remix it !...

Mary Poppins remix... Rather cool !...
Up! Movie Remix

Music through time
Evolution of Music

More music fun
Barcelona con Música‏
Hands Kanye West - Stronger
Redemption Song A World Wide Bob Marley Tribute

2009 POP Music Recap
Elvis Presley swallows microphone
Presidential debate rap
Spaceship excellent
Christopher Rappen
I’m not your buddy
Faceless PSA
Msn vs Google
Windows music
First DJ battle...

Tony Newton Explains the Bass
Large hadron rap
Lightpaint piano player
Men in black...
Rap with movie titles
What song is this…
Guitar impossible
Vegetable orchestra
Snoop visits Mariah Stewart
Souljiah boy band
Souljah boy cries on Twitter...ok...
Irak rap...ok...
Beat it on keyboards...

Muppets Do Bohemian Rhapsody
Keyboard Flute

.... and what about some more music ?...
Traditional Chinese Music
Youtube potential collection

...and how about listening to some music, while we're at it !?!...

Travel UpChUcKy'S Top 40 Time Machine

UItimate classics of the video clip !...
Twisted Sisters : We’re not gonna take it !
The Who - Heaven and Hell - Isle Of Wight

Public Enemy & Anthrax - Bring the noise
Deep purple - Child in time 1970
Elton John & Rupaul : Don’t go breaking my heart
Village People - YMCA
Michael Jackson vs McHammer
Michael Jackson : Thriller
Michael Jackson : Thriller
Michael Jackson : Don't stop till you get enough...
Michael Jackson : Beat it
Indochine - Les Tsars
Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up
Bangles Walk like an Egyptian
Twisted Sisters : I wanna rock !
Step by step… COOL !!!
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Love

Eminem - Without Me

Eminem - Lose Yourself

Venom - Bloodlust

Judas Priest - Out in the cold
An Ode to Hated Metal Records by Beloved Metal Bands

Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance

Judas Priest - The Ripper

Judas Priest - Johnny B. Goode

Judas Priest - Turbo Lover

Judas Priest - Painkiller

Judas Priest - Sinner

Judas Priest - Metal Gods

Judas Priest - "Blood Red Skies" (Sin City)

Judas Priest - Bloodstone
Judas Priest - Reckless

More interesting performances...
Une vidéo du dernier concert à Los Angeles de Nirvana refait surface 20 ans plus tard
Lady Gaga - Poker Face Live (France)
Mariah Carey at Live 8
Youtube live Kate Perry...
Kate Perry - I kissed a girl
I kissed a dog
Treat your mother right
Radiohead scotch mist

The DOORS LIVE at Hollywood Bowl 1968
The Doors Live in europe — full show 1968

Boston Live at Giants Stadium June 1979 Full Concert
Boston - Don't Look Back
BOSTON Don't Look Back 2004 LiVE @ Gilford

More cool clips
Weezer - Buddy Holly
Mercyful Fate "Witches' Dance" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Metallica with Mercyful fate LIVE San Francisco, USA 2011-12-07 1080p FULL HD

The ultimate revenge - venom ,slayer, exodus , live 1985

The ultimate revenge - venom ,slayer, exodus , live 1985

Slayer First Show Ever Filmed.Woodstock L.A. 28-03-1983 Full Concert LIVE

Metal Evolution: Extreme Metal - FULL EPISODE

I'm Yours
Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Lady Gaga - Telephone ft. Beyoncé

Mad Cregs - Safe in sound
Mayer Hawthorne Barbershop Quartette

If I know you clip
Pumpkins and pasley
Wild Mountain Nation… COOL !!
Orba Squara Gravel nature video
Muto wall mainted animation…WOW !
Hey Ocean - Alleyways
Pork & beans
Making of pork & beans
Dance, dance, dance...
Duality of deathening
Forget me
Caney Mountain
Retro Kidz New Era
Wolf boy
La Plata
I like it
Monkey Bee
I am the nation
Creeping oobleck
Your reverie
Human tail snake
Hey clip
Symphonic roller coaster
Why do you let me stay here… ok..
Original song
Go to hell !!
We are the strange
Miley Cyrus - 7 things
7 things spoof
Metronomy : A thing for me
Crooked legs
Snoop dog sensual seduction...haha !!...
Bomb the bass butterfingers
The Masks (battle...)
Fa la Freezing Happy Hanukah
Tickle monsters are robots
A princess story
Stop motion pancakes
Chemical romance black parade
Minn heima
Good day
Baile del karamarro
Somewhat cool clips
Eminem new clip...
Guitar boat hero
Sesame Street 12 & Pinball animation
Beast that swallows its youngs
Hail Mary
Angus clip
On our way home
Get unlugged
Till you’re gone
blues and sadness
superfly shit !
sand animations of animals
Chandelier searchlight
My territory
Down with love
Song from elements
Burnin’ up
Sharp teeth
Shapeshifting emotion visualisation
Portishead in Portishead
Invisible ride : ghost whipping
Solar powered world
Crazy Russian office dance clip…
To be objectified
A snail odyssey
Percussive movements
Cosmic rap
Heavy colleen
Ladies of the world
Blue ride
Making movies
How the day sounds
Radiohead – House of Cards
Making of “house of cards” video
My dad
Octopus project
Unfamous…haha !
Yellow sticky notes
Gold box
Lion sleeps tonight
Cake !
Milk chocolate love story
I can make you feel it
Her morning elegance
Accoustic original
Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson - Say, say, say...


Music is funny !...
Never gonna give you up : the movie !
Music’s classics
Best selling albums
25 best albums ever

... and a bit less than classics...
Top 10 musicians movies
This rocks !...
How to get any tougher than that ?...
Most outrageous heavy metal covers
How cool was that !?!...
Weird album covers... HAHAHA !!!...

Worst album pockets hahaha !
Controversial album covers
Top 20 Worst Hip Hop Album Covers

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Music is fun !...
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Well that’s a show !...
What’s that song already ?
Music heroes
What are you playing with ?
The power of voice
A message from music
Here’s some music !
Crazy music events
Is this the real song ?
More music fun


Elvis Presley swallows microphone