LIVE show !!!...


When it is worth watching TV
Some TV Show In England

Take a look at this !...
Andrew W.K. owns Fox News... Haha !...

Girl ruins marriage on game show !...
Haiti news
That is called news !...
Sissy weatherman
Weatherman vs cockroach haha !
Shocking grapes
Awful weatherman... HAHA !!
Not my baby dance…. HAHA !!. WHATEVER !!! …
Baby Jesus sleazy tv show..
Finally tonight, Jesus !...
News anchor grandhog impression
Weatherman wears a green tie
Perpetuating the blonde stereotype... Haha !!...
Conan acknolwedges Super Mario backdrop... Ha !...
Low budget news

How To Report The News
He Man In The News

When life is live !...
MLB Earthquake Live On TV

Lucky LoverBoy
Live TV proposal
Cricket player gets matched up on big screen…COOL…HOW CUTE IS THAT ?!...
Won 1 million ? Yes or no ?...
I Just Won a Shitload of Money!

Girl Sleeps Through Live Interview

What a lively joy !
Insane Price Is Right Contestant

The Price is exactly Right !
The Price Is Right Million Dollar Winner

Game show fails
Worst Answer Ever
No deal ultimate loser
Wheel of fortune looser
Deal or no deal sister
Spelling bee namnah
elephants larger than moon
The price is wrong
Spelling bee champ I'm sure that being home schooled hasn't had any effect on his people skills.
Spelling bee This kid has a great reaction to spelling a tough word.
Wheel of fortune moron This lady flubs an extremely easy puzzle after winning 10k.
Family feud moron This is probably one of the biggest morons in game show history. At least his father was there to help him out.
Dumbest answer
Millonnaire moron
a simple question…except, maybe, for Americans !!.
millionaire computer glitch The look on the hosts face is great.
Wheel of fortune idiot
Price Is Right Fail

... or wins !..
I'll Bet It All.

Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Genius
Are you sure of that ?..
Soccer Commentator's Epic Fail

Is your product really that impressive ?...
Tech-TV gone wrong ?...HAHA !!...
Man collapses on own product
When pretty girls don’t look too smart !
Can she be THAT stupid?
ms. South Carolina
Mrs. Philipines
Models falling.. ha !
Fall on catwalk
Live TV is not the place to practice
Fox 5 News Jet Pack Fail

Lady drives ATV into wall live !
Skateboard practicing lady
reporter tries ollie…
May I just do my report ?...
Prankster Scares The Crap Out Of A Reporter Live

Woman Reporter Owned By Haunted House
Reporter Pantsed On Live TV
Trolling a News Reporter
Hot News Reporter Ambushed By Crazy Canucks Hockey Fans
Drunk Guy Crashes Live News Report
Reporter vs hilarious drunks... HAHAHA !!!...
News Bomb
News interrupt.. JUST TOO FUNNY !!!! WAHAA !!.... as they say, This guy just wants to be on TV…
Weather man’ biggest fan.. haha !
Local weirdo sneaks in TV interview… HAHA !!
Owned by a drunk… Haha !
Sports reporter gets swallowed by fans... Ha !...
Is That A Sock On Your Winnie ?

What’s going on in the background ?...
Bicycling Fail During Live News
Hanukkah Kid Blooper
Sports reporter gets swallowed by fans... Ha !...
Tequila shot in the air…
Gay CNN prank...hahaha !!
Who put this dick on my back ?
Be on TV !!
Soccer fan gets frisky with reporter...ok...
The best thing about live news... is this !...

Giant bird stalks reporter... Could that be fake ?...

Live faceplant... ok...

Fat Guy Eats It During News Report

'Imbecile' PWNS BBC

Extreme reporting
Soccer Commentator Headshot

News report gone wrong... Haha !!...
Reporter choked live by a girl... HAHA !!...
Reporter blown over by hurricane
News building hit
extreme weatherman…
Give that man a raise !...

Reporter Goes for a Swim

Reporter stung by a bee...   See also... What did you just say ?...
You never know with animals...
News Reporter Inhales Bug

Pitbull shows some love... Haha !!...
Dog Ruins Show
News reporter has seizure !... Ha !...
Crazy news monkey
monkey talk show host pimp
Respectable reporter doesn't want to get humped by dog !
Big dog ends interview…haha !
Cat attacks reporter..
Bug in reporter mouth
Bug flies in reporter’s mouth
Live tv cow poop
Beaver Pisses on CBS Morning Show Host
Pig sex on Japanese TV
Reporter almost owned by snapping turtle
Anchor gets face bitten

See also Animals...
It happens on TV too !
Weatherman wipeout !
Horse Race Announcer Loses Voice

Shopping network wii remote fail

When fainting is surely not feigned !...
Kid faints on TV show...
Girl passes out
Lady faints live… AMAZING !!
Guest collapses on Fox news !...
Girl faints on live broadcast
Interview chair break
News lady faints !...
Too Excited for the Big Game
When you start laughing...
Some TV Show In England

Tv host can stop laughing… quite FUNNY, naturally !!!
Host can’t stop laughing
Can’t stop laughing at laugh !
Miss USA tumble
Just can't stop laughing !...

Laughing interview…ok..
A live prank is a funnier prank
Anchorman Teleprompter Prank

Greatest Prank in History
Hacking the News
Hollywood april’s fool
Morning news prank
Will read anything on TV !
The prank is right !!
Tv news prank

A live fail is a funnier fail
Lara Spencer Green Screen Fail
Fried Gnocchi Fail

Blooper power
Bill Dance's classic bloopers
Bill Dance Fishing Bloopers
Bill Dance Fishing Bloopers
Best bloopers of all time !....
Worst ghost !
Walking and bloopering on the moon !.. Haha !...
Game bloopers
Drunken Anderson Cooper
Blind High 5
RV bloopers
stretchmarks blooper
news bloopers Irak
Game show bloopers
News Blooper
Tv news bloopers
weather bloopers This guy messes up... a lot.
price is right blooper Bob Barker always manages to keep his cool.
Cunt game show blooper
Tv blooper
A tribute to Billy Mayes...
Hardcore bloopers
Weatherman with tourettes
Mattress ads outtakes...hahaha !!
Tourette weatherman …. HAHA !!
Just can’t hang up the phone !
How to make a fool of yourself !
Tracy Morgan
Dance Party Friday
News dance
Crazy weatherman… Haha !!
What did you just say ?...
Best Local News Bloopers of 2011
Fox News Shepards Smith Blooper
Reporter Goes Ghetto
Live curse remix
F’ing weather !
Tourette weatherman …. HAHA !!
Christian Bale vs O’rilley
Good sex
Ass cream vendor...
CBC Translator Loses It!

Live swear !!
Live F-Bomb
News WTF
Newest piece of shit on the market !
Peanuts news slip
Do you want to slip up ?
How not to introduce Matt Bomer
Blowjob blooper news
Reporter tits blooper ! I can't blame this guy for having the wrong things in mind.
That’s a nice pussy !! WOHOO !!
Top cock news blooper... Haha !!...

Cocksucker on live TV !...
News fail
Yet another news fail

What did you say between "we do not" and "torture" ?...
So black and so poor…
Broncos Coach Drops the F Bomb LIVE on TV

Roddick Curses Live on National TV
How appropriate is that !?!...
The Best Way To Call A Turkey: REMIX

Reporter Has a Little Fun With Your Mama
Weatherman Fail
Bush and black people…
Were you spanked as a kid
Can’t stop laughing at laugh !
Danza doesn’t like the news !!...
Weatherman boobs
Steve-O drunk on talk show..
How to get into Paris Hilton… Haha !
Donald Trumb hates Rosie Odonnel !! 
A live freakout... What better show could you get ?!...
Weatherman Freaks Out
Producers rants on air
Chris Berman blows up
Tom green pissed off when desk ruined

How mad can Bill O'Reilly be ?...
Lille Bill O’Rilley
Lille Bill O’Rilley II
Bill O'Reilly flips out !...
O'Reilly remix... Haha !...

O'Reilly says "shut up" to Al Franken !...
O'Reilly loses it on Barney Frank... What !?!...
Bill O'Reilly the super military... Ha !...
Bill O'Reilly explodes over illegal immigration...
Bill O'Reilly loses it on 9/11 victim's son...

What kind of a live event is that ?...
Creepy live moment of attempted seduction...
Guy flirting on the news... What !?!...
Who wants a horny TV show ?...

Carrie Prejean Threatens to Leave Larry King Live
Man goes crazy on national television
Little girl horrorized on Sylvio Santos' show...
You Treat a Guy's Salamander Like That...
Stage celebration gone wrong

By the way, here is also... Can this really happen live !?!...
or When death gets live...
Oh ! Gross !..
Burp on tv broadcast…
Tv farts
fart workout on tv !!! At least she could laugh about it.
Queef during exercise… ha !
live vomit broadcast
Swedish host pukes on live tv
Live puke … HAHA !!
More TV live fun...
Nekkid What?

For 69 $ the Price is Right !...
The Epic Rapping Weatherman

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Italian vs American talk show host
Conan's new set... Ha !...

Blooper power
Reporter “o” faces