Hot stuff !...


48 Inch Firework Shell Fired Off In Japan

Daytime Fireworks

What's So Special About These Fireworks?
Skyfest rock of Cashel 2008... WOAHH !
Beautiful rockets and !!
Fireworks under the ice... WOW !!...

Hot fun
Fireworks dog…HAHA !! THAT’S too funny !!
Hick goes boom
What a hot stunt !...
Extreme Fire Breathing

Burning Beautifully

Fire Hacky Sack
What about a fire fart ?
Excuse me? Got a light?...Fire fart

Ultimate firefart… YAHOO !!
Fire fart
Crazy fart on fire
Ass on fire
Best fart fire yet …. OH SHIT !!
Fart flamethrower
Nice little fart with fire.. ok…
Intense fart fire…. Well that sure sounds HOT !!
Candle fart.. Haha !

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Why not to just play with fire ?...
Flame Thrower Fun

Fireball Generator Makes Perfect Smoke Ring
Redneck Games
Fire can
Fire trick... What is that !?!...
Human popcorn
Paper fire
fire eater
Flaming Dr.Pepper This is a pretty cool party trick.
The Human Firecracker
Bad milk bomb !! Cool !
Deodorant flamethrower… fortunately he’s got a helmet !!
Hairspray can shooting…. Cool !
Russians Load Fire Into Dump Truck

Homemade nice burning fun
Rocket Launcher on a Motorcycle
Home made flamethrower… COOL.. or rather, sounds pretty HOT !!!
homemade flamethrower
Homemade fireworks…
Homeburn fun
Fire Cracker In Filled Sink Fail

fireworks in a toilet…
Homemade explosions compilation
kitchen fireworks !!..
Beer boiling
How useful can a microwave be ?...
Microwave Explosion
Boxed Wine in the Microwave
Microwave egg experiment... Cool !!...
furby in microwave..
beer in microwave…cool blast !
match in microwave…Don't try this at home!
Thermonuclear egg
microwave fun testing
microwaved egg
Burning microwave
You like it hot, don’t ya ?
Fire In The Hole!
Eating burning ember
Firework in pants.. They did a pretty good job…
Flaming jump roped
Leaping fire can
Molotov cocktail baseball...ok..
Mouth rocket
Coke & menthos up in there..ok..
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When you might like fire just a bit too much...

What a hot show !
NASA Test Fires Rocket Motor

How to shoot an anvil 200 feet in the air !...
Dynamite Blows Pot Skyhigh

16,000 Firecrackers in 60 Seconds
8500 bottle rockets at a time…
amazing firework display grand finale..
Redneck fourth of July !...
Tree electrocuted
Christmas Tree Rocketry

What a big bang !...
Let's Start The New Year Off With A Bang !

Burn and destroy !
Fire tickles Elmo …haha !!
Shooting a Snowman
Old trailer
Grenade launcher… ok !!...
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What an explosive show !
or... What a bomb !...

What kind of fire is that ?
Electrical Transformer Explodes

Dry ice bomb
liquid nitrogen in a pool
dry ice explosion
What a hot experiment !...
Fireball Generator Makes Perfect Smoke Ring

Turkey Frying Fire
Molotov cocktail tested on a human
Flashlight :
Tennis ball mortar
Contact explosive
thermite and ice...
Brainiac termite experiment…
Frequency of fire
Are we in control, here ?
Fire starter…haha !!
Fire stove…haha !.. ok…
Big fire
Breathing fire in elevator
These guys went to colledge… and they’re cool !! HAHA !!!
When kids just want to get burnt !...
Firework Stunt Compilation

Fireworks Jet Pack
Flare fight
Roman candle fight

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Fire fails
Fire Cracker In Filled Sink Fail

Why not to play with fire !...
Kid Lights His Nose and Then Cries

experiment goes wrong
Firework butt launch fail...
very INTENSE flaming shot !!..
yet another crazy flaming shot..
Great idea : let’s burn my hair !!
Guy sets beard on fire…
Guy running with fire in his ass… literally… SHIT !!
Pubic hair on fire
Bomb in balls !!
Fire throwing gone wrong...
Watch out with fire !...
Fire breathing fail

He didn't know gasoline was flammable !...

Grampa Fire Dancer

Redneck fail
Homemade fireworks near miss... Wow !...

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Experiment Goes Wrong

Homemade Cannon Goes Wrong
Dry ice bomb in the face
Potato gun accident

When you might like fire just a bit too much...
Banana bomb in the ass…
Kid explodes his ass... haha !...

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Tormented by fire...
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Fire : the best of friends, worst of ennemies...
xmas tree fire

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Fun with Powerlines

More hot stuff
How to light a cigarette with a violin

Hot fun
What about a fire fart ?
Chicks fart too !
Hot chicks fart too !
Why not just play with fire ?...
Homemade nice burning fun
Homeburn fun
What a hot idea !
How useful can this device be ?...
You like it hot, don’t ya ?
What a nice one !
Burn and destroy !
What a hot one !
Are we in control, here ?
A feeble attempt
What a hot idea !...
Guess what can happen if you play with fire ?
What kind of a fire is that ?
Hottest experiments
Fire is the best of friends, worst of ennemies...