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College Humor

Stop Saying "I'm So Broke"
Tenacious D's Super Live Interview
BBC Bat-Crocodile War

Wacky Hijinks from 80s Comedies Were Mostly Rape

If Police Action Figures Were Realistic

This Kid Made a Laser Shotgun Just Because it Wasn't Illegal

Getting Stuck In A Bad Conversation Next To A Good Conversation (All-Nighter)

This Stripper is So Sexy It's Illegal (All-Nighter)

8 People Who Have Accomplished More Than You At Every Age

When Not To Correct People's Grammar

Jocks Plan Nerdocaust

Rudolph The Regular Reindeer

Alcoholic Slide
Det Satan Club
Don Draper's College Orientation

Summer of Music: Too Many Pools

Jackass For Girls

Nazi Zombies
Remix: Conan Lever

The Ultimate Douche-Off
Bathroom Etiquette

Adam and Eve in the friend zone
Peter Pan's Ladies

Batman Has A Drinking Problem
Cute Handheld Bunny Sneeze

Hello My Name Is: Executive From Hell
Deja View: Iron Man vs. Batman

Full Benefits
The Late Night

The Double Date

Full Benefits: The Party
Full Benefits: The Reveal

Full Benefits: The Hook Up
Full Benefits: The Cover-Up

Political Arena
Sim City Mayor

Barack Obama's BBQ
New Joe Biden Swearing Footage

The Large Hadron Collider's Secret

Terrorist in Love

Hardly Working
Hardly Working: More Than Nothing

Hardly Working: Step Dad
Hardly Working: Jeff's Parents

Hardly Working: Time Traveler 3

Hardly Working: Applause-O-Meter
Hardly Working: Box Fort

Hardly Working: Zombie Bite

Hardly Working: Milk
Hardly Working: Makeover Montage

Hardly Working: Flash Forward
Hardly Working: Grampire

Hardly Working: Earpiece
Hardly Working: Basketball Phone

Hardly Working: Age Hierarchy

Hardly Working: Trololo
Hardly Working: Robot Girlfriend
Hardly Working: Federal Maaashhhals
Hardly Working: Spoiler Alerts

Hardly Working: Suspicious Announcements

Hardly Working: Evil Crossword

HardlyWorking: Desk Toys
Hardly Working: Go Karts

Hardly Working: Flat Tire
Hardly Working: Twilight Bros

Hardly Working: Same Shirt
Hardly Working: Bullet Trick

Jake & Amir
Jake and Amir: Break a Leg

Jake and Amir: Crabs

Jake and Amir: Cereal


Jake and Amir: Embarrassed
Jake and Amir: Consoling
Jake and Amir: Teasing

Jake and Amir: Studio Audience

Jake and Amir: Taxes
Jake and Amir: Job
Jake and Amir: Cousins

Jake and Amir: Yoga

Jake and Amir: Snowstorm


Profile Pic

Suggestion Box

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Jake and Amir: Moving Part 2
Jake and Amir: Moving

Jake and Amir: Mother's Day
Jake and Amir: Blowing Up

Jake and Amir: Staycation

Jake and Amir: Dave

Jake and Amir: Resolutions

Jake and Amir: Santa

Jake and Amir: March Madness Pt. 3
Jake and Amir: Thighs

Jake and Amir: Football Game
Jake and Amir: New Office Part 2

Josh's Mindhouse
Josh's Mindhouse: Super Punch

Josh's Mindhouse: Robo-Terrorists

Josh's Mindhouse: Autograph
Josh's Mindhouse: Magic Powers

Josh's Mindhouse: Mind Control
Internet Bridge Troll

Hello My Name Is
Hello My Name Is: Perry Martin

Hello My Name Is: Perry Martin BONUS

Hell My Name Is: Hell's Keynote

Streeter Theeter
Streeter Theeter: Phantom Society

Geek Spot
RPG Heroes Are Jerks
Mediated Mortal Kombat
Overly Realistic Buck Hunter
The Problem With Warp Whistles
Koopa's Hell
Sonic and Mario's Awkward Reunion
Modern Warfare 2 Warning Extended
Too Many Megaman Bosses
GoldenEye Stand-Off

Parody Center
Predator's Teenage Son
Unhelpful Trailer: The Town

Invictus With Vuvuzela Horns
Remix: Gladiator Robin Hood
Orphan Showdown!

Avertizement entertainment
Business Stilts

All-Prizes Cereal
Zoo Horn
Honest Twister Commercial

CH Live
CH Live: NYC - Hardly Working: Apocalypse

CH Live: NYC - Pete and Pete Trivia

Adult Spot
Awesome Truck Commercial

Anime Guy Goes On A Date
Hardly Working: Party DJ

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Use Their Weapons

Back to the Future Sex Scenes
When Harry Met Sally: Extended Orgasm Scene

Bad Taste
Hardly Working: Such An Idiot

Streeter Theeter: Gunter Granz


Porn Tech Support (with CH Star of the Week Kunal Nayyar)

No One Likes M. Night Shyamalan
The Undie Run Legend

Hardly Working: Cash Booth
POV: Visiting A Friend's House

Jake and Amir: Rubiks Cube Pt. 2

Jake and Amir: Micah's Facebook

IRL Files: The Big Plan

Jake and Amir: Evicted

CH Live: NYC - Jake and Amir 8

Jake and Amir: For the Wolf

Jake and Amir: Couch

Hardly Working: 96ing

Jake and Amir: Come Again

Reindeer Hookups
A Complaint to Mario Bros. Plumbing

CH Live: NYC - Dan Levy
Hardly Working: Family Guy
Hardly Working: Gale Beggy Makes a Movie
Jake and Amir: Water
Jake and Amir: Video Brainstorm
Jake and Amir: New Office
Hardly Working: Scooch
Marco Polo Submarine
Hardly Working: Wizard of Oz
Full Benefits: Ditching Dan
Walking Contradictions
Anti-Terrorism Honor System
Hardly Working: Business Jungle
CH Live: NYC - Pat Cassels

Hardly Working: Ice Cream Cake
The President Hasn't Seen Rocky
Remix: Girls Are Bad At Sound Effects

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Haha !...
Super Punch

Time Traveler

Anime Guy Goes On A Date

If Man Obeyed God
Genesis (take #1)

Intelligent Design wins! (now stand by for details)

Forgiveness, Grace, and God's Death Sentence

The Great Debate


What Would Jesus NOT Do?

Jesus: the cover-up

Jesus and the Interpreter. A modern-day christian helps Jesus get started.