Arts are cool !


See also... Fashion fun !...
Show time, Music and Movies !...

Well that sure is cool !...
Our Story In 2 Minutes
Think You Know How To Use Photoshop?
The Joker Made With Rubik Cubes
Lost Generation
Stargate Studios Vitual Backlot
Shadow Puppet Presidents
Giant stop motion... WOW !!!...
Sand art
Sand drawing… cool !
Dad Creates Superhero Lunches
Amazing flip book

Handy art
Hand shadows… so COOL !!...
Let Calcutta Surprise You

That’s some real art !...
Herstellung eines Spanbaumes
The Invisible Man
Woody crazy art

Tale me about it !...
Flight of the hummingbird
Onions and Garlic
The tree of knowledge
Little red riding hood - Sponsored by destiny
Speed art
Amazing Finger Painter

Amazing Young Street Artist
Painting With Glue And Glitter
Crazy Painting !
Speed painting
Amazing speed paintings
Voltron time lapse
Time lapse portrait Angelina Jolie
Time laps art
Eternal sunshine
Super Fast Spray Paint Space Painter

Also see... The lapse of time... as time goes on !...

Live art

Starry Night
Live Ray Charles hand painting
Live painting
Street art
1930's Style Graffiti Timelapse
Reverse Graffiti
Street Art Inflatable Bag Monsters
Air ape
Painting reality !...
3D art making of
Rather special art !...
Creepy giant girl puppet
Ferrofluid sculpture… Don’t ask me what that is ! Whoo !
Interactive mirror
Big picture art
Insane Building Projection
Giant stop motion... WOW !!!...
Insane video mapping projections...
Cool Truck Projection Animation

3D art making of
Air traffic art
Biggest drawing in the world !!!..
Women in art
Amazing projecter light show
Firefly Micro-Helicopter Display
Hairy giant drawing
The art of union !...
People art…. JUST AMAZING !!! WOAAHHHHH !!!!!!!!!
Impressive police motorbike display
Human LCD screen Fans at a soccer game in South Korea make an animated screen in the stands using only their jackets.
Sequence art !...
Microwave farewell

What an art !...
Siberian Micro-Art

Art With Salt - Charlie Sheen

The Invisible Man
Amazing car dust art... Wow !...
Chainsaw art
Paintball Art
Chewing gum art
French fries art
Cheese carving
Festival of Cans
Can man
DNA art
Paint ball Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa in Ms Paint

Just play with food !..
Dad Creates Superhero Lunches
The art of controversy
Poster Boy
Urban Hack attack
Crazy artsy event
Huge Ice Sculpture Shatters

Massive city paint fight
Huge ice sculpture breaks
Ice drum solo

See also
When art gets pretty sexy !...
Some more cool artsy stuff...
Romancing the Wind

Guy Draws His Father Using Ink Dots
Reverse graffiti effect
Domona Lisa
Art cars
What is an artist ?
NYC streetshots… ok.. kind of cool…
Human canvas
Grid Paintnig
Lots of cliparts
Chinese water graffiti
Burble London
Breast cancer art project
Only one life

What a thing !...

What a creation !
Digital Pool Table
Wooden mirror
World’s largest banjo
Amazingly high detailed book

See also 
What a visual effect !...
What an idea !
The Human Clock... Haha !!...

World builder
Bike wheel video display...
What is this for ?
Singing ringing tree
Kinetic sculpture…
Corpus clock
What a machine !...
(How wonderful can a machine be ?...)
Creating New Forms of Life !...

Cool engine
Cool wooden machine
Walking house
Wind powered machine creature
Drum machine

That's some machine art !...

The Most Amazing Indoor RC Airplane Ever

See also What a baby machine !  or simply... Welcome to the machine !...

Now that's a machine !
Shredder Eats Anything

What kind of machine is that !?!...
CubeStormer II

How useful can this be ?...
Dueling Useless Machines

The Most Useless Machine EVER!
Rubic cube solver
Candle cannon
Leave me alone machine
What an invention !...
Automatic Fetching Machine

Beer Thrower
Ever Dream of Flying?
Saw Stop
Secret Knock Detecting Lock
Nasal washer... Cool !...
Useful car invention
Cool Vehicle From The 1950's
World's biggest alarm clock...
Indoor skydiving thing !...
Great invention !
Stupid Inventions
Also see...
Welcome to the future !

What a great product !...
Stupid TV Hat For Sale

WTF Exercise Machine
The Boyfriend Body Pillow
The comfort wipe... Hahaha !!...
The first jumping rope... with no rope !...
Japanese man bra...haha !
Wonder boner
Japanese sex dolls
Super suit
Blonde bass fun

See also
How to sell anything !...
What a toy !
Bizzare Physics-Defying Toy
Dumbest toy ever !!!.. If you think toys today are dumb, check out this whiplash inducing toy from the black and white TV era.
Tickle me Emo
Super Dooper Pooper HAHA !!
Baby Peepee !...

Sheep robot lawn mower
Michael Jackson doll...
Street fighter 2 characters

See also
What an instrument !
What a book !
What a shoe !
What stuff they have in Asia !...
What a great food !...
The World's Largest Gummy Bear

See also
What a lunch !...  and  What kind of lunch is this !?!...

The art of decoration...

The power of Christmas spirit
Amazing 54000 Christmas Lights House
Best Christmas Lights Display
Dubstep Christmas Light Show

Best Xmas lights ever !!.. WOW !!..
Another crazy Xmas house !
Extreme christmas lighting
Amazing light shows
Awesome Christmas Lights
Awesome Concrete Christmas Truck
Trick or treat !?!...
Halloween Light Show 2011 - Party Anthem
Thriller Halloween House Comes Alive

Thriller Halloween House Comes Alive
The Epic Hallowindow
Halloween window
Nice pumpkins
Halloween make up time lapse
Rotting Halloween pumpkin time lapse

See also
It’s Halloween !...
When decorating is almost original...
Christmas trees from glory to tacky
Beer Christmas tree

See also
Where would we be without such meaningful traditions ?...

What an achievement !

San Francisco in toothpicks... WHAT !?!...

Miniature airport

What an event !
Massive city paint fight

What can’t you do with paper !?!...
Art contest using only one sheet of paper... WOW !!...
Rotating paper star
Paper folding stop motion

Building a lego life...
Fully Functional LEGO Sniper Rifle

LEGO Pop-up Book
Lego arcade !...
8-Bit lego trip...
Lego stadium
Lego fashion show
Giant lego boulder
Lego safety
Lego skate
Lego Felt Tip Printer

When achievements are almost cool...
How to make a dog cake
Chain effects
WTF Fried Egg
The Page Turner
Rube Goldberg Contraption
Frenetic Kinetics!
Awesome Popsicle Stick Wave
Beer Bottle Domination
Watering A Plant - Rube Goldberg Style
Photography Rube Goldberg Machine
Teabagging Like A Boss
Best pool shot
Very Creative Hole-In-1
Astonishing Rube Goldberg Music Video by OK Go

Euro 2008 dominoes
Fairytales in dominoes
Domino festival
Knight rider building
Happy new year
Happy New Year Youtube !
30 000 dominoes
Amazing Rube Goldberg Device

Rube Goldberg cocktail creator
Household dominos
Homemade domino effect
Coin dominoes
Hard drives domino
domino pcs
pool domino setup
Grocery stores dominoes
Too much time on hands…
Rube Goldberg
Rube Goldberg egg
Snowwhite in dominos
Long tipping
Beer bottle domino
Smartphone Dominoes

The art of camera

Stop the motion !
Stop Motion CGI Art

Epic Super Mario Stop Motion
Stop Motion Paper Mario
A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything
Giant stop motion... WOW !!!...
The World's Smallest Stop-Motion Animation

Amazing Fire Stop Motion Animation
500 People in 100 Seconds

T-Shirt War
School Performs Stop Motion Art
Cute Wife, Clever Editing, Total Win

Stop Motion Video of a Tattoo Being Done
Insane wolf n’ pig stop motion WOW !
Western spaghetti...WOW !!!
Charcoal sausiges
Book Comes To Life
Skateboarding Stop Motion

Fireworks stopmotion
Deadline post-it note stopmotion
Seaside miniatures
Freezelight Magic Forest
Lego arcade !...
Transformer fight
Stop motion fight
Spontaneous generation
The snowman
Abstract thoughts stopmotion
Winter chalkboard stopmotion
Homemade transformers
Lady in bed
The long dog
Stop motion drums
Time of my life
Claymation chess
Claymaton drums
Drag and drop world
Creeping oobleck
Shining with robots !
Tony vs Paul stop motion..ok..
(Stop motion battle...)

Paper folding stop motion
Lego fashion show
Lego skate
8-Bit lego trip...
Put your foot in it
Sorry, I'm late !...

Animation fun

The Bicycle Animation

Cool Animation

Just slow the motion !... and seize the moment !...
Hidden miracles of the natural world

The beauty of pollination
High Speed Reel 2011
What Happens When You Drop a Slinky
Water Balloon to Face Doesn't Pop Slow-Mo
High Shutter Speed Camera On Guitar
Giant Water Balloon in Slow Motion
Eagle Owl in Slow Motion
Drop of water... Wow !...
Amazing Super Slow-Mo
Super slow-mo video
Slo-Mo Lip Show

SLO-MO World Collaboration - Food and Drink

Smashing Pumpkins In Slow Motion

slow mo balloon
balloon pop
slow motion with ultra speed camera
Slow-mo light bulb break.... by a « bb »...
Grenade explosion in ultra slow motion... Wow !...
Super bullet slow motion impact

Bullet time lapse
Salmon caught in slo-motion !...
Waterballoon to the face !
Sexy slow mo balloon pop
Balloon pop
No gravity balloon… COOL !!..
Slow Motion Desctruction

Time warp series      
Chameleon Eats Fly Off Sumo Wrestler's Face
Vegtables Decomposing in Slow Motion

Coachella Music Festival In Tilt-Shift

Also see...  Speed art

The lapse of time... as time goes on !...

Hidden miracles of the natural world

The beauty of pollination
One Year Old To Ten In 1 Minute 25 Seconds
The City Limits
Panama Canal Time Lapse
Time lapse driving across country
Hair growth Musical
Amazing day at the beach
Spring cherry blossom season
1 to 100
85 years in 40 seconds !!...
35 years of Tokyo development
Time Lapse Soap Bubbles and Ferrofluid

Evolution of beard
Mascot meltdown
Guiness evolution commercial
Halloween make up time lapse
A day in Disney World

The Sandpit

See also A time for nature

Welcome to the great photoshop contest !...
Think You Know How To Use Photoshop?

More art of camera
Special Morphing VI
Beard Slap
Food Porn
Motorcycle Burnouts In The House
Most Realistic Use of Computer Graphics Ever
Ferrari Car Wash Fail
Stargate Studios Vitual Backlot
The Jeans Are Real!!!

It’s a bird !... Haha !...
Monumental video collection
Guy disappears… haha !!…
Arnold Rave
Funny faces... Haha !...
Cool Video effects
Thatcher effect
Face animation
Mirror ducks
Anti-Gravity Ramp
Real or fake ?...
The Mind Break
Builder Throws Sawblade Through 2x4
Giant bird stalks reporter... Could that be fake ?...
Proof cell phones are evil
Cornstarch speaker
Worst ghost !
May the force be with you !..
Alien landing ?!
Pool coin trick
Blowing a bubble with a CD... Is this true !?!...
Guy in dragon costume does tricks...
Luckiest Skateboarder Ever

By the way, here is also The art of illusion...   and What a trick !...

Nice ! It almost looks real !...
Ping Pong Penguin....

Dogfish (let’s say it doesn’t look too real...)

Just the art of appearance...
Cool flip flop book video

Could art just be anywhere around you ?

Objects with Emotions

Well that sure is cool !...
Super cool illustrations
Most amazing artwork
Ben Goosens artwork
New art concept…
That’s some real art !...
10 Cool Metal Sculpture
Amazing pencil drawings
Realist art… wow !!
artist duane hanson
Epic Wooden Structures by Mike Rea

Fire wood
These portraits are drawn with a pencil
Just fantastic !..
Fantasy art
Fantasy Women artwork
Show your colours !...
Scary Good Face Paintings
Most incredible face paintings
Awesome and Pretty Intense Body Art...
Finger painting
Fish to fish…
Dog face craziest make up !!!...haha !!!...
Hand paintings
Really cool hand art
match art
Body painting kisses and illusions
Cool tattoo He would be the most popular guy in any prison.
Clown shamming
Speed art : the art of the moment...
Incredible water sculptures
Water and paint drop art
Street art
Street Art
Street Art of San Francisco

Incredibly Realistic Street Illusion
Graffiti Street Art by MTO

Street art
3bit street art
Urban street art
Drain graffiti
French graffiti
Cool graffiti man

Painting reality !!!
3D Street art
Crazy sidewalk art
Great pavement art
Real sidewalks drawing
3D art
Paint leak
cool paint advertizing
Cool paint job
Is that modern art !?!...
Crazy but creative statues…COOL !
Telephone sheep
People’s toothbrush
Rather special art !...
Biomorphism gallery... Cool !...
Interesting art
Light graffiti
Veggie alien
Feather paintings
MMM brains
Big picture art
The art of union !...
Anything can be art !
Celebrity Mosaics That Will Blow Your Mind

Post-It Note Art
Art With Salt - The Joker
Fly art : What to do When You're Bored at Work
Miniature Art On The Tip Of A Pencil

Mona Lisa with burger grease
Red bull can art
Red Bull Can Art

Creative Art on Dollar Bills

Can sculptures
Bottle art
Chicken wire art
Tire statues
Carved Leather Art
Metal sculptures
Weapons art
Chewing gum art
Dollar Bill art...
Dirty car window art
Balloon art
Balloon art
Balloon art
Balloon artwork
Just play with food !..
Creative Art Made From Food

Food art
Dough art
Orange art
Ketchup art
Cool sushi
Food faces
Cool cakes
Cool cakes
Bento art
Mobile food
Funny foods
Ice Cream Cone Face

Watermelon costume !... Wow !...
Art is natural
Rock woman… Amazing !!
Watermelon art… CRAZY !!
Pumpking gator
Cool bushes
Rice field art
Carving wood is cool !...
Wooden band
Tree carvings
Wood carving masterpieces
Wood creativity
Castles made of sand...
Amazing sand sculptures
Incredible sand sculptures
Huge sand castle
One hell of a sand castle
Sand roaster
Automobile sand sculpture
Amazing ice sculptures
Sand hotel gallery
Crazy sand castles
Super sand sculptures…
More sand sculptures
Simsons sand castles
or ice !...
Ice sculptures… WOW !..
Snow buildings
Largest snowman
Town of snow people
Ice festival
Massive ice sculptures
Largest ice Santa
Awesome Snow Sculpture

Snow Roller Coaster

The Sapporo Snow Festival

When sculptures just capture your attention
Sculptures That Will Blow Your Mind

Picture art
LIFE's 2009 Photo's of the year

Now how weird is that art ?...
Bartender Made From Wine Corks
Crazy artsy event
Some more cool artsy stuff...
Artsy creative photography
Unconventional stained glass art
Sitting nails
Dog sculpture
You don’t like it !?!... Just customize it !...
Goalie mask art
Darth Vader helmet art
Weird toilet seats
cd art
Cool Zippos
Customized wii
Jazz your guitar

What a creation !
Artistic Lamborghini
Carved Guitars
Cool bags
What an idea !
2 in 1 closet and bed !...
Human nest
What is this for ?
How wonderful can a machine be ?...
What a machine !...
How useful can this be ?...
Foot bike

Tri bike fail
Bicycle mower
Office eating ustensils
What an invention !...
In case you thought you had everything
Sleeping Helmet

Mommy and baby kit
Nice bike !
Nice suit
Aerodynamic advantage
Stupid inventions
Bicycle umbrella... Ha !...
Eye wiper..haha !
Odd weapons
A Collection of Pointless and Retarded Inventions
I Can Fix That

Also see... Welcome to the future !

And how clever can that one be ?...
Handfree phone

What a great product !...

Crazy products
Maze lock
Fun bandages
Stylish flippers…
Hairy shirt
Guitar boat
Cool BBQ grills
Weird coffins
Pimp my casket

See also
How to sell anything !...

How big do you want it ?...
Huge seesaw
Huge foosball table
What a toy !
Hard to find toys
Unsafe children toys…ha !
Mr potato head
What a book !
Is this a book ?
Failed children books
More failed children books
weird children books...
worst children’s book
What a shoe !
crazy shoes
ugly sneakers
Crazy shoes
What stuff they have in Asia !...
Japanese crazy inventions
Japanese weird inventions
Take out beer
Gross Japanese drinks
Real pics from Asia

... and do they really eat this, in Asia ?...
Things You'll Only Find in a Chinese Walmart

What a lunch !...
I Cook Better Than Your Mom

See also ... What a gross lunch !...
What a great food !...
Bling Teeth

Disgusting WTF Candy
Redneck possum soup... Haha !...
Gross canned whole chicken !...
Odd canned food and drink
Ghetto sodas

See also ... What a lunch !...
What a big lunch !...
Heart attack bacon sandwich !...

Bacon Sandwich

Pretty tall hamburger
That’s a long hot dog !
Ultimate hot dog
Real burger king
Why We're So Fat!

See also  ...And what are we eating, by the way ?...

What a big drink !..
Big beer

What a weird lunch !...
Turtles for Dinner

Alligator on Sale
Crocodile meat for sale !
Odd canned food and drink
Chocolate keyboard

The art of decoration...

See also
Let's celebrate !... as well as Where would we be without such meaningful traditions ?...
The power of Christmas spirit
The Best Christmas Light Displays

Christmas lights

Trick or treat !?!...
Pumpkin With Animatronic Eyes
Insane and Scary Halloween Pumkin Carvings of 2011
Happy Halloween !!
Skull Shrub
Impressive pumpkin art
Pumpkin house display
Crazy pumpking carving
Pumpkin carvings

See also Let's celebrate !... or  When Halloween is not a treat...
When decoration is almost original...
He never melted

What about simply doing snowmen ?...
Cold poker game

Christmas trees from glory to tacky
Mountain dew tree
Bottle tree
Keg tree
Christmas tree in cans

And by the way, here is also...
How about an unappropriate holiday !?!...

What an achievement !

Egg stacker
Amazing coin balancing
Queen mary in toothpicks
Building with skewers
Pipe Filter Lamborgini

What an event !
Hot balloon party
Feast on metro

What a job !..
Moving a church
Construction of Eiffel tower
Making of Titanic
Washing airplanes
Making of a hot rod
How to ship a lambo

By the way, here is also... What kind of job is this !?!...

What kind of a job is this !?!...
Catching anacondas

What can’t you do with paper !?!...
Paper art
Paper art
Lotr origami
Origami Yoda

Money origami
Money origami
Building a lego life...
NYC on lego
Lego creations
Best lego creations
Lego sushis
Amazing lego achievements
Lego NYC
Lego Venice
Lego hawking

How much can be achieved on a person !?!...
Tack woman

By the way, here is also...
Wrap it up !...

More cool achievements
Pumpking gator
Tire dinosaur
More or less cool achievements... (When achievements are almost cool... (category to be included in best of fun...) )
Pepsi drinker…
What a collection !...
Money Bars
Chain effects

The art of camera

Just stop the motion !... and seize the moment !..
Just zoom in on beauty !...

Welcome to the great  photoshop contest !...
More art of camera
The art of make-believe
Real or fake ?...
Cool films

Just stop the motion !... and seize the moment !...
Moment stuck in time
Incredible water sculptures
High speed photos
High speed photos
High speed photography : coffee and milk… wow !!
Water and paint drop art
Slow mo bullets
Coffee art
frozen beer
Cool Smoke Formations
Amazing photos !
Diet coke & Mentos
Wet hair artwork

See also
Let’s just take a closer look !...

The lapse of time... as time goes on !...

‘Then And Now’ Photos Show How Much Time Changes Things
Just zoom in on beauty !...

The Most Amazing Microscope Images

Amazing macro water photos
Alcohol Under a Microscope

Macro of The Human Eye

Just take also a look at this !... Just look at that !

Welcome to the great photoshop contest !...
Photoshop Contest #55 Finalists

Photoshop Contest 44 Winner
Photoshop santa clown dwarf... haha !
Photoshop surfer...haha !
Photoshop contest 37
That guy sure is strange !!...
Hilarious Bubble Meme

Photoshop contest 5
Photoshop funky
Photoshop kangaroo
Photoshop hairy contest
Together they dance...
Psyched baby
Funny rabbit !!
Impolite kid
Katrina looter photoshopped
Barney photo..ok..
More art of camera
Colorized Pictures

Funny Creative Photography
Amazing Real Life Photo Manipulations
Forced Perspective Photography
Playing with perspective
Creative photography by Louis Rubens

Photoshoped animals !...
Incredible Light Drawings

Cat and pc monitor
Creative photos
Impressive photos
Creative Photography of Louis Rubens
Cool photoshop pics...sounds cool !!..
Photo !!
Nice, Cool, and Odd Pictures

Worst photoshop mistakes
Logos Gone Wild!
Transparent window
Painted clouds
Coolest ride ever
DNA experimented fruits and vegetables...
Strawberry tongue
Googly eyes… what ?
Special effect makeup
Sexy legs
Prun for animals
Spider woman
Creative photos...ok..
Eye photography
If cartoons were real
Funny Finger Faces

The art of make-believe
Colleges try too hard

Real or fake ?...

Walking on water
Moto headstand

By the way, here is also...  When shark attacks are almost frightening...

Shake some action

Cool films
Cool juggling
A word about Youtube
Somewhat cool films
Strange or intense achievements…
Strange or intense achievements…