Ad some fun !...


When ads actually get interesting !...

Push to add drama
Aflac Audition Fails
BMX Biker Performs Special Flip


Aflac 'Wrestling' TV Commercial

Aflac Goat


AFLAC Duck Roller Coaster

Yeo Valley Advert - Official Video
Crazy Old Spice Commercials
New Old Spice Commercial
Funny Old Spice Commercial
Hotter Version Of Old Spice Ad

Confess you car sins... Haha !!...

How to sell anything !...
A-spray... HAHAHA !!!...

Tony Romo product spokesman..
Handheld metal banger
Butter water... Haha !!....

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What a great product !...
The shock of reality !
Truths vs reality… cool !!
Swiffer almost works … Ha !
Indestructible Cell Phone...
Ad some fun !
Frankie and Johnnie's Furniture Commercial

Jones Big ASS Truck Rental and Storage
1st McDonald’s commercial
Super timor
Super timor 2
Hulk Hogan commercial
Crazy video soccer, pills, whatever…
Weirdest ad ever…
Low budget commercial
Computer man…Now is this serious ?!..
Crazy 80s ad… ok cool !!
Jurassic Credit
Cashman…HAHAHA !!
Dirt Cheap commercial
Hilarious pawn shop ad
This sauce is good !
Super bowl commercials
Super Bowl shuffle
Most sensual BBQ ad
Cheap furniture commercial
Jones Bigass truck rental
Moo and Oink
Creepy Smokey add
Weird insurance commercial
At the warehouse !...
Flea Market Rap

Pregnancy test…you pee !!!
Weed vending machine
Japanese kid’s beer commercial
Skittles commercial
Crazy japanese cockroaches ad
Gideons crazy commercial...
Mattress ads outtakes...hahaha !!
How weird is that ad !?!
Wilkinson's Family Restaurant ad... WAHAHA !!!...

Crazy 80's Humpty-Dumpty ad... Ha !....
Japanese V8 commercial ?...
Weird Japanese commercial...
At the Red House... Where Black & White just get along... Haha !!...

...and was that meant to go public ?...

Chili Can Be Served With Cheese

What an ad !...
The Most Extreme Bagel Bites Commercial Ever

Kiddex Juice Drink!

This should also be interesting... Whatever !..., or
What kind of an ad is that !?!...

Oldstyle coolness
Retro Cell Phone Ad

Frozen Dinners Commercial
1st McDonald’s commercial
Old Ronald McDonald This old commercial shows the debut of Ronald Mcdonald. He looked more like a homeless guy than a clown in those days.
As Seen On TV Dummies

Guiness evolution commercial
1970's Swine Flu epidemics
Youtube in 1985
Milky the cow
Cigarette ad
Cologne water 80's ad... Ha !...

How to sell anything !...
The shock of reality !
Ad some fun !
What ads they had then !...
How come they don’t do these anymore !?!...
That good old way of doing things..
That good old stuff !...

How to sell anything !...
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What a great product !...

Could that be too good to be true ?...
This computer can never be obsolete !...

The shock of reality !
Advertising Fail

We Can Repair Anything FAIL

Ads vs reality
Food chain liars
Made in China!
Ad some fun !
Ad fail

Unassembled snowmen for sale !
Snow men for sale !!
Parody ads
Drugs for sale !
Big bargain
20 sandwiches for a beer !
Creative anti-smoking ads
Cool paint advertizing
Rocket advertisement
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A new kind of news ads !...

How to get the job done !...
Clever Advertising

What ads they had then !...
Weird and WTF Vintage Ads

Hilarious posters
Creepy old ads
Creepy old ads
Santa Cigarette Ads
Crazy old smoking ads
Coke subliminal messages
Sexist boardgames..
Racist advertizing
How come they don’t do these anymore !?!...
Crazy cereals
That good old way of doing things..
Old school cereal boxes
Old compter ads
More old computers
Old ads, new products
That good old stuff !...
Food and Drinks You Will Never Eat or Drink Again

Take a Trip
Old currency
Vintage TV board games
Weapons of war
Antique medical equipment
Weapons of war


...and guess what ? Here's a little extra !...
Buster Keaton crazy pub